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Top 10 features of EasyTag, the quick and easy attendee check-in and badge printing app

Manage, check-in and monitor your event attendees through EasyTag

Top 10 features of EasyTag, the quick and easy attendee check-in and badge printing app

EasyTag is a trusted friend when it comes to managing guest lists prior to and amid your events. It is the best and fastest online event check-in app, with which you can efficiently utilize as many devices as you need to supplant the paper guest lists. Besides, you can design your event, create guest categories, custom badges, badge printing, spot registration and monitor arrivals in real-time on EasyTag.


How different is EasyTag from the other event check-in apps?

EasyTag is all about making your event hassle-free as the event attendee check-in is made easy and quick. Wouldn’t attendees of your event be irked biting nails or browsing mails on their mobile phones and inching forward to the counter to get their badge? One may have seen frayed tempers across the registration counters and those on the hosting side trying to sport plastic smiles and pretending to be nice and convincing (feeling irritated inside, losing their cool) the attendee.

Now, all this maze of complications has just been disentangled with EasyTag, which not only simplifies the process but even saves a lot of time. Event check-in must be hassle-free and, hence the utility of EasyTag.

Here is a list of top 10 features of EasyTag

1. Create multiple events

event attendee

EasyTag is an events organizer’s product. It enables them to create multiple events for attendee check-in process. You just have to sign up or login and click on create event and fill details to create an event page.

2. Import attendee data

check attendee

Importing extensive data of the event attendees on EasyTag is quick and simple. Once you create an event page, EasyTag allows you to import all data including event name, attendee name, registration number, participation type, number of tickets per registration, etc., that are needed to check-in an attendee. You can either import it directly from event ticketing platforms like MeraEvents, or upload an excel sheet directly on to EasyTag.

3. Bulk registration- Sub attendee details

EasyTag enables multiple registrations as well. Supposing an attendee wants to book two or more tickets at a time, the total number of members of the team can be entered under one name, or the sub-attendee details can be added straight.

4. Customize badge design

It has another interesting feature, which makes it different from others and that is the badge designing. An event organizer can customize and manage the badge design on EasyTag. There is a tab called “Design Badge,” where you can upload an image and choose the size of the badge.

attendee check-in

The next step is to select and arrange the attendee details such as attendee name, company name, participation type, designation and registration number. You can also add a QR code to the badge, which will ease the process of check-in and monitoring the activities of the attendee at the event (lunch, etc.,). Edit the badge design as per your requirement.

5. Quick attendee search

easy check-in


Instead of manually checking the attendee count Easytag notifies the real-time count of the attendee check-in. Check-in the attendees for an event by simply entering a unique detail like name, phone number, registration number or their email in the search bar and once it appears click Check-in.

6. Invite collaborators

event check-in apps

EasyTag consists a feature called “Invite collaborator” through which the administrator can welcome other team members to handle the registration counters. You will have to enter their email id and send them a unique link which contain the details of the registered attendees. When the collaborator clicks the unique link, it will share all the information through which they can start the event check-in process. This live sync feature helps to open multiple counters simultaneously. The attendee check-in count is updated real-time from multiple devices.

7. On-spot badge printing

easy and simple check-in app

On-site badge printing is possible with EasyTag. Besides, easy check-in, it gives easy on-site badge printing facility at the event. Quick and fast check-in with real-time updates makes the process a simplified one. with EasyTag as it takes only 15 seconds for check-in and badge printing.

8. On-spot registration and payment

EasyTag is not only intuitive, but it is an end-to-end solution for the event check-in, which is apt for both organizers and event attendees. It allows one to pay and register on-spot for the event, check-in and get the badge in less than 30 seconds.

9. Export attendee data

event ticketing platforms

Download attendee data from EasyTag, or export the data, including details like event name, attendee name, registration number, ticket printing, reprinting time and count, check-in time, participation type, number of tickets per registration, etc. Click on “Export All” and get all the event attendee details in an Ms.Excel sheet.

10. Live check-in count is seamless

With EasyTag, you can easily count the number of attendees that have already checked-in and how many are yet to arrive. You will have the access to monitor each and every check-in of the attendees along with timings. All you need to do to get access to the real-time count, is to login to your EasyTag account.

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Manage, check-in and monitor your event attendees through EasyTag

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